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    In Apr 1977, the 4477th Test Evaluation Flight  was formed at Nellis AFB as  an organization to implement project CONSTANT PEG; the improvement of the airfield at the Tonapah Test Range and the restoration of Soviet MiG fighter aircraft with the mission of training American airmen for close combat against the actual threat aircraft of the day. This unique unit was comprised of US Air  force enlisted personnel and US Air Force and US Navy pilots.  Marine Corp pilots were later included.  In July 1979, upon completion of the airfield improvements at the Tonopah Test Range and the restoration of the MiG aircraft,  the 4477th TEF began flight operations at Tonopah with MiG-17 and MiG-21 aircraft. The men of Constant Peg soon began to call themselves RED EAGLES.      In 1980 the 4477th TEF was re-designated as the 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron. The squadron developed realistic combat training operations featuring adversary tactics, dissimilar air combat training, and electronic warfare. Over the years more aircraft were acquired until they numbered about two dozen including ultra modern MiG-23s.                  Over the course of its history the 4477th pilots flew three models of Soviet- designed MiGs.               Near the end of the Cold War the program was abandoned and the squadron was disbanded.  Flight operations closed down in March 1988, although the 4477th was not inactivated until July 1990, according to one official Air Force history.

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