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It is our understanding that, due to earlier efforts by several Red Eagles, our program is included in their list of future displays;   but, as of this writing, we are unsure of the planned time-frame. To that end, our historian, Gail 'Evil' Peck has initiated   additional contact with museum officials to indicate our desired timing and to determine the feasibility of making it happen   by the reunion. One thing we do know, however, is that without 'stuff' to display, there cannot be a display!! So, to ensure that   there is 'stuff', Red Eagles need to provide it. Now that we know there will be a Red Eagle display, the display will need more items than just the MiG-23 centrepiece!  The museum curator-in-charge of the Red Eagle Display indicates he is interested in any item or artifact that was used in support of our program.  These could include maintenance coveralls, flight suit, flight jacket, cap with patch, helmet, checklists, documents, pictures, whatever. So, if you don’t want your heirs to throw your stuff in the dumpster when you croak (which they will), please review your stash and consider enhancing the only permanent entity that will provide our Red Eagle story to our grandchildren’s grandchildren – and all other interested parties in future generations. Neena Wright has corresponded with the Museum and her point of contact sent her the following methodology to   follow if you have something to contribute. IMPORTANT - do not assume you have things that are redundant or   'unworthy of display - the museum folks will sort that out. You will be surprised - that which we might consider as trivial,   they might consider exceptional!   Neena's correspondence included the following:  "Please have any individual wishing to donate send an email to:  NationalMuseum.Donations@us.af.miL with the subject line of “Red Eagle Artifacts." Include any background information about the items and their relation to the "Red Eagles". In addition, please include a digital image or two of each item. Our collections committee will review all offers and decide what items to consider for retention in the National Collection. Please understand that due to museum policy we can never guarantee that any items donated will be placed on exhibit. However, even if they are not placed on exhibit we look forward to enhancing our study collection, which is used to further research on the "Red Eagles" and their place in the history of the United States Air Force." Your correspondence with the museum should include, as a minimum, the following information: a. Donor's (your) name and the rank you held when you retired/separated b. Donor's phone number and email c. Donor's address d. Donor's time-frame with the Red Eagles e. Describe/Provide background information on the item(s) and their relation to the Red Eagles f. Include a couple of digital pictures of the item(s) g. Send to: NationalMuseum.Donations@us.af.miL with a subject line of: Red Eagle Artifacts h. Download, fill out and save to your computer the PDF file “Donation Provenance Worksheet writeable” below, and attach it to your email Donation Provenance Worksheet (writable) Remember this is a Red Eagle effort and you are reading this because you are a Red Eagle! Stuff is needed and the sooner it gets to the museum folks, the better!! Please be part of the effort!!
Red Eagles:
Items for donation to the Red Eagle Exhibit at the Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB