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Unit Roster:

     It has been over 20 years since the 4477th TES was disbanded.  On 13 November 2006 the Air Force acknowledged this program.  Since this acknowledgement some members of this unit have been trying to ensure all members are aware that the Constants Peg program was declassified.      However, it is believed that some of the  4477th TES records were destroyed during the 9-11-2001 attack on the Pentagon.      If you were assigned to the unit or know one of our brothers, please contact us with your information so we can include you in our quarterly newsletters.  Thank you.

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A NAME SERVICE ASSIGNED POSITION Adametz, Karin USAF 86-88 Computer Operations Adams, Billy USAF 79-83 Admin Addis, Steve USAF APG Alford, Steve USAF Avionics Allen, Ray USAF Welder Allen III, James P. USAF 85-88 APG Ames, Terry   USAF 85-88 Egress Anderson, Doug USAF 84-88 Aerospace Ground Equipment Anderson, Tom USAF 80-84 Firemen Andres, John USAF 87-89 Admin Arbogast, Gary USAF   Crew Chief Ashwood, George USAF   ECM Atkinson, Jim (Sam) USAF Hydraulics
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